Our Healthy Story

Hello visitors and customers!

Never has there been so many options for alternative ingredients, healthy recipes and vegan meals than today. Kyan Cuisine is proud to offer a range of delicious, plant-based products, recipes and meals that will satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling healthy and balanced.

Behind our little yellow radish – the Kyan Cuisine logo – lies the passion and persistence of three individuals. Vanessa, Aude, and Samuel. We are all from the Prescott-Russell region and have been fascinated by nutrition and healthy eating for years. So, we decided to come out of the pantry and share our passion with you!

We believe in the importance of prioritizing health – and it all starts with the food we eat to nourish our bodies! Our products are a reflection of adopting a plant-based diet without using animal products.

L'année 2019 a marqué le début de notre aventure professionnelle avec la création de repas à base de plantes. Notre but: créer des plats énergisants, qui favorisent le maintien de notre poids santé et conçus pour promouvoir une alimentation saine et savoureuse! Eh oui, les deux cohabitent facilement pour notre et votre plus grand bonheur!

Alors, t'es pas végan et t'es pas plant-based? Pas grave... T'as pas besoin de l'être pour manger nos plats!

100% Plant-Based | 100% Delicious