Puffed Rice Cake lightly Salted

Puffed Rice Cake lightly Salted

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Puffed Rice Cake lightly Salted by Lundberg Thin Stackers

Whether you're a trend-chasing foodie, a mindful snacker, or just someone who craves a snack that's delish and good for the planet, these Organic Thin Stackers® belong in your pantry. Crafted with love and organic brown rice, we’ve ditched the unnecessary stuff to create this thin organic version of traditional rice cakes. With just a touch of salt and 28 calories per cake, enjoy guilt-free crunchiness straight out of the box or with your fave toppings. Say hello to elevated snacking now!

- 28 calories per cake

- 6g Whole Grains per cake

- Certified Gluten-Free by GFCO

- Non-GMO Project Verified

- Made with Organic Brown Rice grown on our CA farm

- Only 2 Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice + Sea Salt

    Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Sea Salt.

    More Details

    Specification(s): vegan and gluten-free

    Portion: 168g

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