Puffed Rice Cakes (red rice and quinoa)

Puffed Rice Cakes (red rice and quinoa)

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Puffed Rice Cakes (red rice and quinoa) by Lundberg Thin Stackers

Discover their premium Organic Thin Stackers® made from a blend of organic brown rice, red rice, and quinoa. These unique, thin, low cal rice cakes provide a whole-grain, low-calorie option when you’re craving a light meal or better-for-you snack. They hold their own when piled with your favorite toppings or can be a great post-workout refuel straight out of the box. #ThinStackersForTheWin!! Light, crunchy, and oh-so-delicious!

  • Contains only 3 organic whole grain ingredients (brown rice, red rice, and quinoa)
  • Popped (never fried) onsite at our farm in Northern CA
  • Perfect gluten-free alternative to bread and crackers
  • Only 25 calories per cake (serving size = 4 cakes)0g sodium or sugar28g whole grains per serving

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Red Rice, Organic Quinoa.

More Details

Specification(s): vegan and gluten-free

Portion: 168g

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